May 032012

Chicago’s third annual SQL Saturday will soon be upon us, and as food and beverage coordinator it’s my job to obsess over what’s on the menu.

SQL Saturday food offerings seem to have evolved over time. The first few I attended offered pizza, which is of course a great way to feed a large number of people. While very cost-effective, pizza is also not all that exciting. This did not go unnoticed; it seems there was a shift to more local food specialties that aren’t pizza. Lately I’ve seen more local offerings like amazing barbecue in Kansas City and excellent bratwurst in Wisconsin.

BeefThis year I’m happy to announce that lunch for SQL Saturday Chicago will be Portillo’s! We’ll have Italian Beef sandwiches, Mostaccioli, and Grilled Veggie Sandwiches for those who have requested a vegetarian option. Be sure to bring your appetite!

Also if you haven’t already seen, our schedule has been posted! We have some excellent speakers lined up. Now is a great time to start thinking about what sessions you’d like to attend.

If you’re looking to extend your weekend a bit, we have two excellent pre-cons lined up for Friday, May 18:

These pre-cons are priced at $99 each and can be booked by emailing

We’re looking forward to another wonderful event! Can’t wait to see you there in two weeks!

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