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It’s been almost two years since I last hosted T-SQL Tuesday, and I’m very happy to be doing so again! If you’re not already familiar, T-SQL Tuesday was the brainchild of Adam Machanic (@AdamMachanic), who prophesized that we all could benefit from “a recurring, revolving blog party” with a new topic given each month. This month’s T-SQL Tuesday will take place on Tuesday, April 9, 2013.

What’s the Topic?

This month the prompt is how did you come to love presenting? What was the first time you gave a presentation in front of a group and really enjoyed it? Was it something that was required of you in school? Something you did in the workplace? Were you inspired by other SQL community members and thought “I think I can do that too”? Whatever your story is, I’d love to hear it. Not a presenter? Not a problem! Feel free to chime in with whatever you like that’s related to either presenting or SQL Server in general.

The Fine Print

– Your post must be published between 00:00 GMT Tuesday April 9, 2013 and 00:00 GMT Wednesday April 10, 2013.
– Your post must contain the T-SQL Tuesday logo at the top (see above) and the image must link back to this blog post.
– Trackbacks should work, but if not please put a link to your post in the comments section so everyone can see your contribution!

Extra Credit

The following are not required, but might be a good idea.

– Include “T-SQL Tuesday #41″ in your blog post’s title.
– Tweet about your post using the #tsql2sday hashtag.
– Make one or more references to bacon or other pork products.
– Contact Adam Machanic and tell him you’d like to host a T-SQL Tuesday from your blog. If you’ve kept up your blog monthly for the last 6 months and participated in at least 2 previous T-SQL Tuesdays you are eligible.

I’ll be reading everyone’s post shortly thereafter and will create a summary of what everyone wrote about. Happy writing!

  49 Responses to “Invitation to T-SQL Tuesday #41 – Presenting and Loving it!”

  1. […] Davidson just asked me why I write, and now Bob Pusateri (@sqlbob) is asking me why I present, which is his question for this month’s T-SQL […]

  2. […] Bob Pusateri hosts this months T-SQL Tuesday. The topic is Presenting and Loving it! You’ll notice that the topic of this blog posts takes the exclamation mark and turns it into […]

  3. […] installment, Bob Pusateri wants to know more about why we enjoy presenting to the community. I think this is a great topic, and I’m hoping that we’ll be able to convert some […]

  4. Thanks for hosting, Bob! Here’s my entry.
    T-SQL Tuesday #41 – Presenting: Be Prepared – http://blogs.lessthandot.com/index.php/ITProfessionals/ProfessionalDevelopment/t-sql-tuesday-41-presenting-1

  5. […] Invitation to T-SQL Tuesday #41 – Presenting and Loving it! […]

  6. […] This month’s T-SQL Tuesday is hosted by…ME! I asked everyone to share stories of how they came to love presenting, and I […]

  7. […] been on a TSQL Tuesday hiatus, which was completely unintentional.  When I read Bob Pusateri’s topic for this month I knew I had to end my sabbatical and get back in the swing of these posts.  […]

  8. […] month the host is Bob Pusateri and the topic is how did you come to love presenting. In his invitation, Bob laments the fact that is has been almost two years since the last time he hosted T-SQL […]

  9. Another first timer chipping in about the fun of presenting:

    How I learnt to love presenting, got bored, and then rekindled the flame – http://stuart-moore.com/speaking/t-sql-tuesday-41-how-i-learnt-to-love-presenting-got-bored-and-then-rekindled-the-flame/

  10. […] Pusateri(@SQLBob) is this month’s host for T-SQL Tuesday with a topic I definitely can relate to.  Bob asks bloggers to talk on their presenting […]

  11. Hi Bob, thanks for hosting this month. Here’s my entry…

    T-SQL Tuesday 41

  12. Hi Bob,

    Thanks for hosting this month.

    Here’s my entry:


  13. It’s been a while between T-SQL Tuesday’s for me.

    Here’s mine http://david.gardiner.net.au/2013/04/speaking-on-ssdt-at-adelaide-sql-user.html


  14. […] SQL Family join in writing and reading a new topic given each month. The topic for this month is Presenting and Loving It! So, I would like refer to my personal story, my journey to […]

  15. […] this T-SQL Tuesday Bob Pusateri asked us to share how we came to love […]

  16. Thanks for hosting, Bob. My first T-SQL Tuesday submission:

    T-SQL Tuesday #41 – Presenting and Loving it!

  17. […] one. Hosted by Bob Pusateri, this one is timely for me. Bob invites us all to write about how we came to love presentating. That’s good timing as I’m actually giving two sessions at the SQL […]

  18. Thanks Bob for being our host.

    Here is my post: T-SQL Tuesday #41–It All Started With A Flower


  19. Hey Brother Bob: From the looks of all these comments, you’ll be busy for a while doing a summary wrap!! That’s what happens when you choose an awesome topic!!

    Here’s my humble expose:


    Thanks for hosting! See you around…

  20. […] Pusateri is hosting this month’s T-SQL Tuesday, and he’s decreed the topic be how we came to love presenting. I say presenting is really the same thing as performing, and my love of performing stretches back […]

  21. […] Tuesday #41 It’s time for that monthly geek party again we like to call T-SQL Tuesday. T-SQL Tuesday is one of the greatest assemblage of geeks since the Tri-Lambda and Alpha-Mu mixer […]

  22. […] if (tg) {tg.appendChild(s);} })(); This month, Bob Pusateri (Blog | @SQLBob) is running T-SQL Tuesday on presenting.  T-SQL Tuesday is a monthly blogging event where a number of us in the SQL Server community gets […]

  23. Great Topic Bob! Here’s mine.

    T-SQL Tuesday #41 Becoming a SQL Server “Presenter” GET INVOLVED!

  24. My first T-SQL Tuesday blog post! Thanks for hosting it Bob, great topic!


  25. Here is my post, I did a trackback but it is not showing up for some reason. Enjoy!


  26. […] T-SQL Tuesday #41 – Presenting and Loving It – Bob Pusateri had a great concept for a T-SQL Tuesday topic. Go straight to the comments. They include links to your peers in the community who shared their why they love presenting. I really like this one, that one, oh and also this one too. […]

  27. […] – T-SQL Tuesday #41 – Presenting – Bob Pusateri […]

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