Nov 092016

I’m very happy to be presenting for the PASS Security Virtual Chapter on Thursday, November 17, 2016 at 10:00am Pacific!

I’ll be presenting my session entitled SQL Server Encryption Basics. This is an introductory-level session on the encryption capabilities of SQL Server, how they work, and when and where you may want or need to deploy them.

High-profile attacks by hackers have made the news more and more the past few years, and your database is a prized target! Fortunately SQL Server offers many possible layers of protection, one of which is encryption. This session will cover SQL Server’s encryption capabilities, how they work, and what they have to offer. Topics discussed will include certificates, encryption algorithms, backup encryption, transparent database encryption, and column-level encryption. Attend this session and learn how SQL Server can help you hide your data in plain sight!

I’m really happy to be delivering this session, and look forward to seeing you there! You can register at this link:


Nov 262013

I’m very happy to be making the trek up to Appleton, Wisconsin to speak at FoxPASS next week!

I’ll be delivering my presentation entitled “Whatcha Doin’? Passive Security for Hostile Environments”, which I presented to a packed room at this year’s PASS Summit. Here’s the abstract:

Ideal database security settings usually exist in books, but rarely in reality. Is your CIO a member of the sysadmin role because they demanded it? Or maybe some users have rights for purely political reasons? Just because you can’t enforce security through typical means doesn’t mean you’re powerless. Attend this session to learn about the features SQL Server provides that will allow you to keep track of what your users are up to at all times and sleep a little easier. Through various scenarios and demos, see how technologies such as event notifications, auditing, and extended events can help ensure nothing happens on your system without you knowing about it. Even in optimally secured environments these techniques can still come in handy. The best security is often that which cannot be seen.

Meeting Info

When: Wednesday, December 4, 2013  5:30pm

Where: 2201 E. Enterprise Ave., Suite 201, Appleton, Wisconsin

If you’re a FoxPASS member, I’m looking forward to meeting you next week!

May 212013

Tomorrow I am making the trek up to Madison to speak at MADPASS! I had a great time there last year and am looking forward to heading back.MADPASS Logo

I’ll be giving my talk on SQL Server’s data compression feature entitled “The Skinny on Data Compression.” I’ll be explaining how data compression works and sharing some of the things I’ve learned about when and where to deploy data compression that I’ve accumulated over the past 2 years of using it.

Greg Kramer will also be presenting tips and tricks regarding DAX that both Excel and SQL professionals should find useful.

WHERE: 2310 Crossroads Drive, Madison, WI 53718

WHEN: Wednesday 22 May 2013, 5:30PM

Hope to see you there!

Mar 062013

I am very happy and honored to have been chosen as a presenter at SQL Saturday #206 coming up on April 6, 2013 in Madison, Wisconsin! As I previously mentioned I had a wonderful time there last year and am definitely looking forward to heading back.

This time around I’ll be giving a new presentation on tuning backups and restores. Despite what your SAN administrator might tell you about snapshots, you really do need to run backups on your databases, so it’s to your advantage to make sure your backup and restore processes complete as quickly as possible. I’ll be covering tips and tricks that can help dramatically speed them up so you can save the day that much sooner!

The team up in Wisconsin has put together a great schedule that you won’t want to miss. And as of right now, you won’t have to! Registration is still open, so sign up today!

Oct 312012

SQL Saturday 172This is going to be a crazy week!

I’m very happy to be speaking at SQL Saturday #172 in Portland, Oregon on November 3, 2012. I’ll be giving my presentation entitled The Skinny on Data Compression which covers the different types of data compression available in SQL Server and some of the details behind how they work. This session will also cover the pros and cons of compressing data and how to determine which flavor of compression is most appropriate for an object. This presentation was very popular in both Kansas City and Madison, so I’m expecting more of the same in the Pacific Northwest!

Registration is still open as of when this post went live so if you’d like to attend please sign up here. If you’re on twitter, follow the #sqlsat172 hashtag for the latest information.

But that’s not all…

Folks in Oregon had the good sense to plan their SQL Saturday for the weekend before the PASS Summit, so out-of-towners can stop in Portland before heading to Seattle. It sounded like a great idea to me, so that’s exactly what I’m doing.

After SQL Saturday, I’m heading to Seattle for my first-ever PASS Summit! That’s right folks, I really am a first-timer. Several people have told me they can’t believe I haven’t been to Summit before, but it’s the truth. I’m very grateful to have an employer that supports my attending such a conference. I’m not quite sure what to expect, and I’m already overwhelmed by the choices of what there is to do. Fortunately the twitterverse has been incredibly supportive so I’m sure it will be a most excellent time!