Nov 262013

I’m very happy to be making the trek up to Appleton, Wisconsin to speak at FoxPASS next week!

I’ll be delivering my presentation entitled “Whatcha Doin’? Passive Security for Hostile Environments”, which I presented to a packed room at this year’s PASS Summit. Here’s the abstract:

Ideal database security settings usually exist in books, but rarely in reality. Is your CIO a member of the sysadmin role because they demanded it? Or maybe some users have rights for purely political reasons? Just because you can’t enforce security through typical means doesn’t mean you’re powerless. Attend this session to learn about the features SQL Server provides that will allow you to keep track of what your users are up to at all times and sleep a little easier. Through various scenarios and demos, see how technologies such as event notifications, auditing, and extended events can help ensure nothing happens on your system without you knowing about it. Even in optimally secured environments these techniques can still come in handy. The best security is often that which cannot be seen.

Meeting Info

When: Wednesday, December 4, 2013  5:30pm

Where: 2201 E. Enterprise Ave., Suite 201, Appleton, Wisconsin

If you’re a FoxPASS member, I’m looking forward to meeting you next week!

Feb 242012

This week I was very fortunate to speak at the February 2012 MADPASS user group meeting. I’ve seen lots of positive tweets about the group over the course of the past year and had been hoping to attend a meeting of theirs, so when I got the email a few months ago asking if I would present I jumped at the chance.

I left Chicago around noon figuring I would give myself plenty of time to drive there, find my way if I got lost, and/or sit in traffic. I didn’t end up getting lost or hitting any traffic, so I ended up with a few hours to kill. Fortunately the building MADPASS meets in has this awesome room called “The Pub” which very much looks the part. I think my building needs one of these! I spent a few hours in there, got some work done via wi-fi and made sure my slide deck was in order.

The Pub

The Pub

MADPASS meetings aren’t held in the pub, though I understand the first one was because the pool table wasn’t there yet. Once the pool table was installed the meetings moved next door to a meeting room featuring cushy chairs and a fireplace. This is much different from any other presentation space I’ve seen since it doesn’t have a lectern or hard-wired projector, however the folks at MADPASS have a cart full of electronics with all the equipment necessary to present, webcast and record the meeting.

After the welcome and introductions, Jes Borland started off with a 30 minute version of her “Making Your Voice Heard” presentation on the benefits of raising your profile in the SQL Server community through twitter, forums, and blogs, and some tips and tricks to help accomplish that goal.

After Jes came food and networking. Dinner consisted of pizza, soft drinks, beer (we need this at the Chicago meetings!!) and birthday cake. February marks MADPASS’ first birthday, and of course no birthday would be fun without some cake. Jes has a photo of it in her blog post about the meeting.

I left dinner a little early to make sure all my equipment was setup to present, and it’s a good thing I did that because I ended up needing every second of that time and then some. Apparently I’m the first person they’ve had that’s given their presentation from a Mac and LiveMeeting didn’t want to play very nicely. I ended up getting started about 20 minutes later than planned and with screenshots recorded via a session. I ended up running a bit long and rushing through the last few slides because I started late, but managed to get everything in. I hope everyone enjoyed it and learned a trick or two. I also got some really great questions afterwards. If you’re looking for the demo scripts I used, you can find the latest version of them along with other resource material here.

I’d like to thank the MADPASS board: Tim Benninghoff (blog), Jes Borland (blog | @grrl_geek), Matt Cherwin (@control_group), Steve Novoselac (blog | @scaleovenstove), and Tony Sebion (@tonysebion) for the opportunity to speak, and also Confio for sponsoring the meeting and providing swag and raffle prizes.

Feb 162012

MADPASS LogoNext Wednesday I’ll have the pleasure of speaking at MADPASS! I’ve been meaning to visit this group for a while, so I’m very excited to head up there and be speaking. Here’s all the pertinent info:

WHERE: 2310 Crossroads Drive, Madison, WI 53718

WHEN: Wednesday, February 22, 2012. 5:30 PM

I’ll be giving one of my oldies-but-goodies, a presentation entitled “Backups and Restores In Depth”. I’ll discuss some of the finer points of backups, restores, and how they work. I’ll also cover the three recovery models in detail and add some best practices along the way.

In addition, Jes Borland (blog | @grrl_geek) will be giving a talk on communication, presenting, and social networking entitled “Make Your Voice Heard”.

Hope to see you there!

Aug 022010

Tomorrow night I’ll have the pleasure of speaking at the August 2010 Chicago Suburban SQL Server User Group meeting.  Here’s the details:

WHERE:  Microsoft Offices – 3025 Highland Parkway Suite 300, Downers Grove, IL

WHEN:  Tuesday, August 3, 2010.  6:00 – 9:00 pm

I’ll be giving my presentation entitled “Backups and Restores In Depth”.  I’ll discuss some of the finer points of backups, restores, and how they work.  I’ll also cover the three recovery models in detail and add some best practices along the way.

I’m not the only act though, Wendy Pastrick (Blog | Twitter) will also be speaking.  Her presentation is entitled “Transactional Replication 101”  Replication simplified! Learn the basic parts that make up replication, what tools are included to help you along plus a look into monitoring. We will cover the players in the game: Pubishers, Subscribers and Distributors, then delve into the data delivery process with Publications, Subscriptions and Articles, finishing up with the Log Reader and how to make sure everything is working and running smoothly.

Hope to see you there!