The Chicken

A little over a week ago, Wendy Pastrick (blog | twitter) had a blog post, Attack of the Killer Maintenance Plan, where she crafts a horror story from her experience checking out some maintenance plans designed by a former employee. After reading this, I was inspired to come up with my own tale, blended with classic American Literature.  The irony here is that I hated (and hence did terrible in) all my english and literature classes throughout school.  This was especially true for Mr. Miller's 10th grade American Lit class, where I believe my final grade was a "C-".  Thankfully,…
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Five Things SQL Server Needs To Drop

While I wasn't explicitly tagged for participation in this meme, Wendy Pastrick (blog | twitter) was kind enough to tag everyone else who hasn't been tagged already.  Being in need of a first topic for a blog post, this seemed like a good one to start with! Since a lot of things have already been spoken for, here's 3 things I particularly hate accompanied by 2 favorites from others.  If someone else has already mentioned my 3, my apologies for apparently not reading your blog! 1.  View Dependencies Once I discovered this "feature" I quickly learned that it wasn't reliable,…
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